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Caring for infants is a big responsibility and we take that responsibility VERY seriously. Parents can have peace of mind knowing their infant is in a warm, safe and loving environment. We provide nurturing, age appropriate stimulation and lots of love.

Our Infant room is clean, bright and colorful. Each infant has their own crib for naptime. Infants will be put to sleep on their back and will be checked on every 15 minutes while sleeping. NO BLANKETS, TOYS OR CRIB BUMPERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CRIB.



  • Diapers (weekly or monthly)
  • Ointment
  • Wipes (weekly or monthly)
  • Fitted Crib Sheet
  • Formula or Breast Milk (enough for the day) – (must be bottled and label with infant’s name)
  • Full change of clothes (including bibs, sock and wash cloth)

infant (0-1 YEARS OLD)

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toddlers (1-2 YEARS OLD)

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pre-school (2 YEARS OLD)

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free upk program (3K and 4K)

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