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How long have you been a Childcare Provider?

We have been a Childcare Provider for over 15 years, within various locations.

Are your staff Certified/Trained/CPR?

Yes, our staff is certified and receives ongoing training yearly, including CPR.

What are your regular hours of operations?

Our regular hours of operations are, Mon-Fri (7:00 am – 6:00 pm).

What’s the earliest I can drop my child off?

You can drop your child off as early as 6:00 am (with no additional fee).

Do you have extended hours past 6:00 pm?

Yes, we go up to 8:00 pm with an additional fee (fee quotes are given in person).

How often does the school close?

We close on all major holidays and the last week in August. (Please see our ‘Closing Schedule’).

What is your monthly Tuition Fee?

Monthly Tuition Fees vary depending on child’s age (fee quotes are given in person).

Do you accept ACS/HRA Voucher?

Yes, we accept HRA Voucher (paid through ACS), especially with our Infants/Toddlers.

I have an HRA Voucher. Can I transfer my Voucher?

Yes, you can transfer your voucher to our Center.

How can I qualify for a ACS/HRA Voucher?

You may qualify if you are on Public Assistance. Please speak with your Case Worker. You must come into the Center with the voucher application.

What if I’m a working parent without enough income?

You can call 311 for subsidized Daycare Centers that are operated thru NYC.

Why is it that Daycare is so expensive?

Having and taking care of a child is expensive. Before you enter into a financial burden that you know you cannot upkeep, you may want to look into other alternatives before registering your child.

Is there a Registration Fee?

There is a Registration Fee of $50.00.
There is no Registration Fee for UPK and HRA Voucher.
There is no Registration Fee if you register and pay the Tuition Fee upfront.

Do the children wear uniforms?

Children 2 years old and up wear uniforms. These uniforms can be purchased at Cookie’s Department Store. (Uniform #36 – Girls: Burgundy/White, Boys: White/Navy).

Am I to buy school supplies?

No, school supplies are included in the Tuition Fee.

Does my child need to get the flu shot before entering your program?

All children need to be fully immunized including the flu shot before entering the program.

If my child is absent do I still have to pay?

Yes, payment is based upon enrollment and not on attendance.

Can I pull my child from your program without any warning?

We would appreciate the warning. However, you can pull your child at anytime.

My 2.5 years old is not potty trained. Can I still register my child?

Yes, we do potty training but please keep in mind that we work with you and not for you.

What if I notice, after arriving home, that my child’s diaper is soiled/soaked?

Our staff makes every effort for the children to go home with clean diapers/pull-ups. Parents must check their child’s diaper/pull-up before leaving the center. If the child is soiled at pick up, please notify the staff immediately. However, once you reach home, it is your responsibility.

Why is it that my child is hungry when I reach home?

Most children are here for many hours. We serve breakfast, lunch and then a small snack at 3:00 pm. If your child gets picked up late, your child will be hungry. We suggest you walk with a small snack for your child to have before dinner.

What are your staff/child ratio?

Under 12 months 1:4 (8 in a room)
12 to 24 months 1:5 (10 in a room)
2 years – 3 years 1:6 (12 in a room)
3 years – 4 years 1:10 (15 in a room)
4 years – 5 years 1:12 (20 in a room)
5 years – 6 years 1:15 (25 in a room)

My child is normal but very active. Can you put him/her in a classroom with less children?

There is no such thing as “very active”. Either your child can function in a classroom setting with his/her peers or they can’t.

Can I stay, watch and comfort my child in the classroom?

We strongly encourage you to send your child off with a quick goodbye and to let your child know you will be back to get him/her. This will help your child adjust much faster to school.

If my child is smart, why am I being told that my child needs therapy? Is it because there’s too many children in the class?

Regardless of whether your child is smart or not, (s)he should be able to function with his/her peers within the classroom ratio. Anything outside this setting is considered Special Education. A child’s progress is not based on academic knowledge alone, but also on the ability to adjust social emotionally with peers and adults within the classroom setting. If your child needs services and does not receive them, that child’s behavior will disrupt the learning going on in the classroom, which is unfair to the children and their parents. Although a parent may not agree with a recommendation for an evaluation, please keep in mind that the behavior does not change and will follow the child wherever (s)he may go. When the child reaches Public School, this will no longer be a choice for the parents. Psychologists will look at the whole child, including the parents and the home environment of the child. It is possible that your child may receive an IEP based on observations made, which will follow and support the child throughout their schooling until they age out of Public School (18 years old).

My child came home with a scratch/bite and I’m very upset. What are you going to do?

Please read our Biting Policy: Biting is not tolerated. The parent of the biter will be warned and we will ask for the child to seek help or the child will be terminated from the Center.
Scratches: When children play, they may get scratches from time to time. We ask all parents to make sure children’s nails are trimmed at all times to prevent scratches. We also ask parents to be reasonable and to understand that scratches are not done intentionally by young children.

We hope we have answered and covered most of your questions. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward for your child to grow with us!